Jewelry Design Center


Gerhardt H. Steinhauff

Jewelry Designer, Instructor


Gerhardt is from Berlin, Germany where he became a Master Goldsmith in 1949. He moved to the United States in 1951. At age 19 he began his distinguished jewelry career in New York.


From 1951-53 he was a gold and platinumsmith for Fred Morgenroth then went on to work for Cartier from 1953-1959.


From 1959 to 1968 Gerhardt was a foreman, goldsmith and modelmaker for Julius Cohen in NYC. He then advanced his career by becoming a Master Modelmaker specializing in one-of-a-kind models for McTeigue and Tiffany & Company respectively from 1975 to his retirement in the late 90s.


Jewelry Design Center is pleased to have Gerhardt as one of their instructors for the casting class so that he can share his knowledge and others can learn from his extensive experience in this medium.


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