Jewelry Design Center


Learn the fundamentals of lost wax casting.

Create and carve your own design in wax. Learn the entire investment process including calculating wax into metal and costing it through firing, turning and polishing to finalize your custom piece.


Course covers the following:

Designing Custom Jewelry
Sketching & Layout
Wax Temperature Control
Wax Modeling Tools
Constructing: Extruded Wax, Shapes, Lubricating, Polishing,
Surface Texture
Designing, Faceted and Cabochon Stones
Incorporating Found Objects & Organic Materials


Wax Sprueing
Investment Mixing
Burnout Procedures
Metal Melting Methods
Centrifugal Casting
Vacuum Casting
Finishing Unfinished Castings
Tumble Polishing
Problems in Castings
Computing Metal for Casting

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