Jewelry Design Center


Learn the fundamentals of stone setting including diamonds and gemstones in various cuts.

Instruction is given on durability factors and other characteristics, such as the dangers of cleavage in preparation for setting.


Includes how to undercut and hammer set or burnish.


Course length is one day.


Course covers the following:

Gemstones – Durability Factors
Graver – Designing, Sharpening, Polishing
Star Bright Cut Setting
Bar Setting
Tiffany Setting
Gypsy Setting
Pear Setting
Wedge Setting
Pave Setting “Decorative Beads”
Pave Setting
Investment Soldering
Trillion Setting


Emerald Cut Settings
Bead Setting
Cluster Setting
Block Bright Cut Setting
Channel Setting
Spin Setting
Oval Setting
Marquise Setting
Baguette Setting
Azure Setting
Pave Setting “Bright Cuts”
Heat Setting

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